October 31, 2011

7th Symphony by Apocalyptica

Album: 7th Symphony | Artist: Apocalyptica | Disc: 1 · Tracks: 10

7th Symphony is the 2010 album by Apocalyptica, a four piece band (three cellists and a drummer) from Finland. The album is composed of instrumentals and songs with guest vocals by Lacey Mosley-Sturm from Flyleaf and Joseph Duplantier of Gojira, among others.

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October 10, 2011

The September E.P. by Anorexia Nervosa

Album: The September E.P. | Artist: Anorexia Nervosa | Disc: 1 · Tracks: 8

The September E.P. is a 2005 extended play record by Anorexia Nervosa following their 2004 studio album Redemption Process. This little piece of beauty has 8 tracks in it – three cover songs, four live performances, and a director’s cut mix of the known Sister September. Click read more below to view more photos of the EP and for the full review.

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October 8, 2011

What to expect at Dichothoughts this October

Yeah, I know. I’ve been recently lacking some awesomeness in this blog. One post for September? Now how is that even possible in this galazy errr.. galaxy? Nope, before you even shout me Lazy. I’m no lazy at all. That was just a typo and played with it a little.

Anyway, I’ve been busy the whole month of September as I’m working on multiple projects. Dang, it’s even a miracle I do have 4 posts on Loading-Info last month. So yeah, it’s not galazy – it is gabusy.

Gah, before boring you with this story telling, I’ll go straight to what I’m about to tell you. Yes, I do have a secret. (Now here we go again.) *cut*

Things to expect at Dichothoughts this October:

  • Reviews from the Second and Third book of The Vampire Chronicles (both of which I’ve already done reading last June, yeah 4 months ago. How is that even possible.)
  • Reviews from the records I own since time immemorial, meaning those I’ve already bought long ago. Since I was in high school. That was 2005, man. The first time I bought a record in my entire life. *nostalgic chuckle* Can you guess which record is it? 🙂 It’s TCFSW by MCR. Now deacronymize those and you’ll get it.
  • Reviews from the recent records I purchased (since a year ago to the present) – the self titled album by Tanya Markova, Horror Scene by Mr. Bones & the Boneyard Circus, and more.
  • Reviews from the 7th Symphony album by Apocalyptica which I bought after owning Se7en.
  • Reviews from this latest devilsent packageThe September E.P. by Anorexia Nervosa, and the V for Vendetta graphic novel by Alan Moore.
  • Last but not the least — A much PERSONAL approach to reviews. Meaning I won’t post reviews if I do not have the proof I owned them: CDs for music reviews, DVDs or Cinema Tickets for film reviews, Physical Books with book reviews, you get the idea. Pics or it didn’t happen. Yeah, the reviews shall include photos as well.

I’m still busy, though. (And forever will?) But I’ll make sure I’ll have the time to feed this blog. I listed the things I’ll review in advance so I should keep up with them. It’s like I’m promising something to my readers, so now I have something to hold so I’ll require myself to post.

Good productivity vibes, October.

EDIT: Obviously, these plans didn’t push through. Let’s wait till I’m totally free from being gabusy. Damn.

September 8, 2011

Film: Death Sentence [2007]

Death Sentence is a 2007 crime thriller film directed by James Wan, the mastermind of the Saw film series. The film is based from a book of the same title by Brian Garfield that was published on 1975. I was so stoked to see the transition of James Wan whose previous works are always horror-themed. Can a James Wan deliver the precise amount of thrill to the audience without horrifying them? After watching the film, my answer is a big YES.  Continue reading

August 19, 2011

Music Videos: “In Waves” by Trivium – Official Video and Live

“Iiiiiin Waaaaaaaves!” – the tune cannot leave my head since I’ve watched the latest music video from Trivium, posted last June on Roadrunner Records’ YouTube channel. The song, “In Waves,” is also the title their 5th studio album which was released just this August 9th. Continue reading