Book: Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire is the first book from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and also the first Anne Rice book I’ve finished reading. I already have a paperback of The Vampire Lestat long ago, however, I haven’t finished that one yet and I’m rereading it again from the beginning.

This edition I have was the 48th printing; the 1993 edition with the exact cover on the image above, and published by Ballantine Books with the permission from the original publisher, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. I have read the first half of it as an ebook because I can’t find it on bookstores near us. Luckily, I stumbled upon a copy of it on a bargain store and bought it for just 125php (around $2.85). It’s a used book though, but it is in good condition, just some creases on the spine.

The story was told in a chronological order whereas the narrator is the main character himself. The book encompasses mostly of the search for the meaning of their existence, questions answered with another questions, the good overpowered by evil, and the definition of evil itself.

When Louis lost his way to live, he met a vampire who made him live forever. He then realized that he needed to take a mortal’s life for his own. He was against it at first, but eventually, he then accepted his fate: that he is a vampire and vampires need to kill. However, the question of his and his kind being evil is vague. It started to consume him. What is the nature of evil? Are they Satan’s children? Why did God create their kind? What is the purpose of their existence?

However, the questions themselves have become questionable. If God created everything, then is Satan God’s child? Are they also children of God? What if there really is no Satan? What if there is no actual God? What if there isn’t really someone out there? What if they’re all alone? What’s the sense of questioning if there’s nothing in question?

While writing this novel, Anne Rice herself was an atheist. This novel could be a reflection of the questions that haunted her during those times. After reading the novel, something marked in my mind about the nature of evil and the absence of the good; that evil is natural and inevitable, and it is everywhere, silently waiting to plunge its teeth on its victim.

Interview With The Vampire will take you into the 1800’s Paris and New Orleans. You will be indulged in the beauty of rich imageries, both vivid and dark, that might take you to a dream you’d prefer to be the reality. This book is indeed a classique work of horror fiction.


Copyright 1976 © Anne O’Brien Rice | ISBN 0-345-33766-2 | Pages: 346 | Genre: Horror Fiction

Buy it on: Amazon [Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle] / Book Depository [Paperback | Hardcover]


5 Responses to “Book: Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice”

  1. Great review. I only read three of Anne Rice’s books and to me they seemed on the cusp of soft porn. I wasn’t offended or anything – just not my cup of tea.

    • I see. Since I’ve only finished one Anne Rice book at the moment, I still cannot say something about the books as a whole. But based from other reviews, I’ve read that they are kinda erotica, but I’m still not sure. However, I’m just fascinated with dark-themed novels that’s why I’ll be reading the ten books from The Vampire Chronicles.

      Thanks for dropping by and for reading my review.

      • Louis is a bit emo for a vampire. I think I’d prefer if he demonstrated a bit more of a spine in Interview. I’ve heard that the others are better though.

        • Yes, being too emotional was his tragedy. However, vampires could possess different characteristics based from the creator/writer’s point of view — he could be too emotional, too ravenous, too aggressive, and the list goes on. So, being too emotional doesn’t mean he is less of a vampire I think.


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