Music Videos: “Go Go Dance”, “Haunted Wonderland”, and “She’s a Monster” by Mr. Bones & the Boneyard Circus

Mr. Bones & the Boneyard Circus

Introducing: Mr. Bones & the Boneyard Circus – a band from the Philippines consisting of six artistically demented individuals who have a strong passion for the dark arts. The minions include (but are not limited to*): Badi “Mr. Bones” Del Rosario, whose haunting smirks and evilish laughs will remain echoing on your brain after a while of listening to their songs, as the frontman of the club; Manuel Juni Devecais on lead guitars; John Michael Godinez on bass; Shaun Hilario on percussions; Alvin Chan on guitars; and Karl Vito Cruz on synthesizers/church organ.

*You just don’t know how many they are. They may be using some spells and tricks, who knows?

Theatrical Macabre, as what they describe their music, is something you cannot see, hear, nor touch (obviously) on the present Filipino music industry. I’ve been hearing the name of this band for some time, I even saw their album on a record store while window shopping. The cover art instantly captured my attention, if you know my interests you would understand why.

I’ve never heard any of their songs, not until I’ve watched them on PULP SummerSlam XI. Though, we were already on rest mode when they performed, I still appreciate their performance. They even had someone who spits fire, and dancers, and all those artsy theatrical stuff.

From that moment on, I know I’m gonna love Mr. Bones & the Boneyard Circus. On their website, you can browse and listen to their playlist. My favorite songs from their album, Horror Scene, are the following: “Frankenstein’s Bride”, “Haunted Wonderland”, and “Twisted Boy”.

This is one spectacle you wouldn’t want to ignore. Start the symphony.

Go Go Dance

She raped my mind. With symphonies she sang to me. Oh dear, oh my. She has my heart to break.
Slow down this time. Hold your breath, it’s not over. Oh no, oh my. She’s killing me!

Go-go dance on my grave, honey!

Quiet this time. Clench your fist, bite your tongue. Hold on, its fine. The world’s not laughing at you.
It’s her time. To die.

Go-go dance on my grave, honey!

She’s deadShe’s dead. To fire, oh yeah! Burn burnDrop dead. Drop dead. Drop dead. Drop dead.

Go-go dance on my grave, honey!

Haunted Wonderland

Haunted wonderland I can see, See her ghost in the fog saving me,
Death will come and love will rise, Live my son and forget all the lies,
That you are facing!

Seeing the light fade away from me, As I am falling down,
Breaking every bone in my body, Trying to save you from haunted wonderland..

Haunted fairy groves I can see, Seeing shadows caving over me,
Teach me how to live in these dark times, All this pain and desperate cries,
Just stop this suffering.

She’s a Monster

I see my dead baby dancing on the fire. She’s a monster.
Her fingers like snakes and her eyes like fire. She’s a monster.

She drove me down the highway and down the hill. Crash, boom!
I saw her glistening eyes as I felt my tomb. She caught me by surprise as she bit me down low.
Oh dear what a shame she’s a vempire now.

A vempire now!

I see my dead baby dancing on the fire. She’s a devil now.
All fiendish cats take one look at her. They’re all dead now.

I see my dead baby dancing on the fire. She’s a monster. She’s a monster.

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