Films: The Poltergeist Trilogy

Poltergeist I, II, and III


One of the classic Spielberg films you would remember. Poltergeist is the type of paranormal horror with a pinch of adventure. It combines shock, suspense, mysteries, and all the macabre in one household. Perhaps, underneath it.

The first time I’ve watched this film was eight years ago. As a child, I was so scared that time. I then declared this as one of the scariest horror films I’ve watched. As the time passed by, I have watched and watched lots of other horror stuff. I decided to rewatch it again to see if I’ll still be as scared as before. But as I have predicted, I enjoyed the film. Scared? Nope. Just shocked every now and then on other parts of the film.

Also, I missed Carol Anne (which I thought is “Caroline” when I was young). I missed her blonde (almost white) hair and everything about her. And Tangina, who forgets about Tangina!? Her small voice just added the mysterious in the film.

The film is not just a shock paranormal horror film, the adventure and the little touch of comedy makes this film not one of those serious horror films full of story telling that you could not relate to.

Poltergeist II: The Other Side

This sequel to the first Poltergeist film is where the father, Steven, had the most parts. It became a test of faith, of who he should believe in to. Also, the face-to-face with the antagonist – the evil spirit reverent, made this more challenging than the first film.

In this film it is also revealed about how Carol Anne was like her grandmother when she was a child. The gift, was passed into Carol Anne and the family should accept that, however the mother doesn’t want it.

As always, the spirits had wanted Carol Anne. The room where all the spirits are contained are no more a big part of the story as the spirit shall follow them anywhere they go. They need to face them all, as a family, in order to defeat them.

It’s a typical good versus evil type of a film. The Indian Taylor was first criticized by Steven as a lunatic. But eventually, the intuition of a father, by which he shall protect his family, overpowered the evil.

Poltergeist III

This is the last to the Poltergeist trilogy. Only Carol Anne and Tangina was left from the casts of the previous films. Carol Anne now temporarily resides on her aunt and uncle’s residence together with her cousin. She’s schooling on a school for the gifted where they, the students gifted with unnatural abilities, are observed by some people.

The mishaps started when some hypnosis expert asked Carol Anne and made her remember of the past. He made her remember of the evil spirit who wants her. Thus, making Carol Anne’s location known to the spirits.

This film depicted an extended family who thought Carol Anne’s family were undergoing some psychological disturbances, meaning they don’t really believe (or they do not want to believe) about the paranormal things Carol Anne’s family had experienced.

But, they (the aunt and the uncle) happened to experience them (the spirits) by themselves. As always, this film shows a test of faith, of who they shall believe into, that love is the greatest weapon against all evil.

The only disappointing part on this film is about the hypnosis expert who doesn’t believe in the paranormal and thinks that everything is because of Carol Anne’s hypnosis power. I was expecting that there would be something that’s gonna happen so he would change what he believed to be true. But in the end, his role isn’t really significant at all.

Overall, the Poltergeist trilogy is something enjoyable to watch on a Friday night together with your buddies.

Trivia: Poltergeist is a German word meaning ‘noisy ghost’.

After watching the trilogy, I didn’t know that Heather O’Rourke (who played Carol Anne), died 5 months before the release of the last film. She was only 12. I was expecting to search her and to find a grown up photo of her while watching the film because she is so beautiful and lovely. This has totally shocked me.

Rest in peace, sweetie.


Poltergeist – Rated PG | 114 minutes | See IMDB | Amazon [DVD | Blu-ray]

Poltergeist II: The Other Side – Rated PG-13 | 91 minutes  | See IMDB | Amazon [DVD | Blu-ray]

Poltergeist III – Rated PG-13 | 98 minutes | See IMDB | Amazon [DVD | Blu-ray]


5 Comments to “Films: The Poltergeist Trilogy”

  1. hi gian faye, how are you,. i dont find the poltergeist scary either…. not at adult age.

    but ther are adults who can get scared though- i find this funny, what do you think
    have a nice day

  2. Oooh, I like the way you list the films at the end of your post:
    Poltergeist – Rated PG | 114 minutes | See IMDB | Amazon [DVD | Blu-ray]“. Very smart.

    How very sad! I had no idea she died. I quite enjoyed this trilogy and remember loving the cinematography in the 3rd installment.

    • Of course, it’s good to provide important details about the film. Plus, the affiliate links at the end. *grin*

      And yes, 😦 this is indeed very sad, especially while I was writing the review. I was really shocked to know about it. 😦

  3. Freaks me out every time, i still can’t sleep with the tv running

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