UPDATE: New Domain – dichothoughts.com

Hello! As you can see, I’ve migrated the previous free subdomain (gianfaye.wordpress.com) to its new custom domain (dichothoughts.com). I bought the domain at a third-party registar thinking that all it would cost me is purchasing the domain. But, when I tried to enter my custom domain on the Settings page, there is an upgrade payment which costs $12 for the Domain Mapping. It disappoints me to think that I already have my domain and I still need to pay. Despite the fee, it just took me minutes on setting up the domain so here it is – voila! I hope you liked the new name. Also, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts on this blog on the past month. I have been busy with Loading-Info‘s BlogFest that gave me no time to write lengthy reviews. Since I already bought a domain name I’ll be expecting that I’ll be more eager to post on this blog. Stay tuned! ☺


12 Comments to “UPDATE: New Domain – dichothoughts.com”

  1. congrats faye! despite the drawback, hope u enjoy ur new domain 🙂

  2. Congrats on your new domain. Looking forward for your future posts. Great blog. I like the reviews. Cheers!:-)

  3. very nice domain name 🙂 i like c

  4. Yey! May domain na si Gian! Wuwut! Yeah! l..l.l..l.

  5. Hi Gian, this is great news! But tell me, are you able to edit your HTML on a mapped-WordPress.com?

    Do you think it’s better if you opted for the self-hosted and gain full control of this blog? Since you already made the spendings. Because, it still seems like this is still in the free-hosted platform where we are at the mercy of the hoster (WordPress.com).

    • I cannot modify the CSS of this blog but I can add images and links. You cannot also add JavaScript and Flash because of security issues on WordPress.com’s side.

      But since all I post here are reviews, I don’t need scripts and such. If I register under a web hosting company I have the obligation to pay every month, which is impractical as I won’t use this blog to earn cash or such.

      Anyways, if you will observe I have blogs under WordPress.com, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, Typepad, and LiveJournal. I want to experience all blogging platforms before diving to the hardcore path.

      I hope you get what I mean. Thank you for visiting, Sir Ramcel. 🙂

    • And I heard that for you to gain access to CSS on a free-hosted WordPress, you need to buy it. But it is still not the full HTML access like the one in Blogger. That is why others advice to get hosting services and download the free blog platform from WordPress.org.

      Just scratching the surface here and wanted to confirm if the details I got is correct.

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