Music Videos: “In Waves” by Trivium – Official Video and Live

“Iiiiiin Waaaaaaaves!” – the tune cannot leave my head since I’ve watched the latest music video from Trivium, posted last June on Roadrunner Records’ YouTube channel. The song, “In Waves,” is also the title their 5th studio album which was released just this August 9th.

Trivium – “In Waves” Official Music Video

In Waves! [4x]
Do I end this all for the world to see? Do I take everybody else down, everybody else down with me?
I know that death approaches fast. Whats the purpose if this life wont last? Pulling everyone down with me.
PERPETUALLY! Perpetually were igniting in waves. INCESSANTLY! Incessantly were sinking in flames. [2x]

Forgive me for emphasizing this first but Matt (lead vocals/guitars) has lost too much weight since their Ascendancy tour! And it’s awesome to see Paolo (bass) with his shaved head. Corey (guitars) hasn’t changed, though.

Going back to the video, it makes me want to run to the nearest beach resort in town. Lol. But kiddings aside, the video has engulfed my vision on every second, every part of it – the slow motion scenes, the underwater shots (freakin’ awesome), the vampire-looking cannibal (or is it the cannibal-looking vampire?), the trees (such beauty), and that large unknown floating thing at the end (not yet sure what it is so don’t kill me.)

With lesser lyrics, more on the guitar riffs and solos, and repeating tunes, the music video surely conveys a strong message: “Struggling in waves.” After getting up from the waves, they had gone into the jungle of some sort, threats-present, but nonetheless went through to their destination. Their adventure to be continued afterwards.

Trivium – “In Waves” Studio Live

Most Trivium fans already have their record as it has already been released. (I’ll make a review of the record in case I’ll be able to get one.)

To those who’ve already heard the full record, you may complete the following to guide listeners like us who haven’t got our copies yet:

“If you thought you’ve already seen and heard the best of Trivium…”

(a) This record is a beginning of another Trivium greatness; or

(b) Yes, you did. Shogun is way better than this.

I can say that there is much improvement with Matt’s vocals, so this record is way to go!  (Matt is just 25 to those who didn’t know.) There’s much more to hear from this band.

P.S. If you plan to cover the guitar parts of their latest album, compared to Drop Ds on their previous records, be ready to tune your guitars to Drop C#s this time.



In Waves

Video Released Date: June 20, 2011

Written by: Trivium

Performed by: Trivium

Release Date: August 9, 2011

Produced by: Colin Richardson, Martyn “Ginge” Ford


Official Site:
Buy it on Amazon: [Special Edition | Audio CD | MP3 Download]


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