The September E.P. by Anorexia Nervosa

Album: The September E.P. | Artist: Anorexia Nervosa | Disc: 1 · Tracks: 8

The September E.P. is a 2005 extended play record by Anorexia Nervosa following their 2004 studio album Redemption Process. This little piece of beauty has 8 tracks in it – three cover songs, four live performances, and a director’s cut mix of the known Sister September. Click read more below to view more photos of the EP and for the full review.

First off, I badly wished I had the chance to review Redemption Process before this. Unfortunately, it has been sold out (and temporarily unavailable) in Amazon and cannot find it anywhere else, or rather – would not buy it anywhere else as Amazon is the only online store I do shop at (or the only online store I had shopped at) to buy records. Since this is an EP, I might want to share what I thought of Redemption Process first.

Four songs.  There are four songs that made me obsessed with RP, these are The Shining, Sister September, Worship Manifesto, and Codex Veritas. Above all these – Sister September.

Sister September (director’s cut mix) [6:36]

The record started with Sister September, and the song started with a beautiful melody (depressive tune, I can say) probably by a violin and a cello. Then, a sudden blast. The guitar riffs seemingly sang at that part, then came the start of Hreidmarr’s anthemic singing. Since this isn’t RP, I wouldn’t discuss the whole story of the record. Sister September is most likely about a prayer by a tortured soul asking for redemption, but then was never granted. “Sister September. Where are the dreams you have stuck in me?” and “Do I have to die under this autumnal sun? Did I have to trust you? Truly and madly and blindly. And what did I get in return?” much defined the asking, expecting, and getting nothing in return but pain – which is the tragedy in the story.

La Chuoanne (originally by Forbidden Site) [3:55]

Up next was a cover song from another French band Forbidden Site who had already disbanded a long time ago. The full song is also in French, from Forbidden Site’s 1999 album Astralgeist. La Chuoanne translates as The Chuoan, which means The Peasant. The story is goes around a kingdom where the king is dead, the citizens mourn, and the chaos is started by the question of who shall take care of them now. They have become the peasant who needed be saved. Regarding the instrumentals, there’s not much difference with the cover – only the guitar riffs this time are heavier, and there are some parts with backup vocals. The vocal part – Hreidmarr’s singing (as how he sings) is obviously way different than the original vocals is much cleaner, less shoutings.

Quintessence (originally by Dark Throne) [7:09]

Moving on to the next track is Quintessence by Dark Throne, a band from Norway. The slow-paced, heavy riffed song was from their 1995 album Panzerfaust. Quintessence means the purest of things of the same type. The lyrics suggest that it’s pure evil this time, “Only one single lamp do show me this way and that is the eye of Satan.”  Of course, the lyrics do contain metaphors and is not subjected to a single entity. On the other hand, regarding the instrumentals and overall, truth be told – I like Anorexia’s version better.

I’ll Kill You (originally by X Japan) [3:16]

I never thought French men could love Japanese music, but here it is. I’ve been listening to X Japan for some time now. I suddenly became curious when I saw this song from X Japan on the record – first because I love X Japan, second is a curiosity sparked on how Hreidmarr would do a version of Toshi’s cannot be adjectivized vocalization. But damn, Hreidmarr’s singing is something you cannot ignore. Awesome cover!

The following tracks are from a live performance in Clermont-Ferrand, France on the 7th of May 2005.

The Shining (live) [5:47]

The Shining is the first track from Redemption Process, which I have mentioned above as one of my favorites.

Stabat Mater Dolorosa (live) [7:55]

Stabat Mater Dolorosa, or The Sorrows of Mary, is a track from their 2001 full-length album New Obscurantis Order.

Worship Manifesto (live) [5:32]

Worship Manifesto is the fourth song from Redemption Process.

Le Portail de la Vierge (live) [6:01]

Le Portail de la Vierge, or The Portal of the Virgin, is the fifth track on New Obscurantis Order.

 – All four live tracks took up 25 minutes of geniusly performed dark symphony, with some instances of Hreidmarr talking to the audience in French –  a dark prince talking to his minions.

Overall, this EP is worth the extension of Redemption Process and New Obscurantis Order. This is also the last record they released with Hreidmarr on the vocals as he left on 2005. If you loved Anorexia Nervosa, or the French black metal scene, this holy thing shall be on your hands.

As of this writing there are only 2 left of the EP on Amazon. To get your copy, visit Amazon.


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  1. Very nicely reviewed. Good luck! 🙂

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