As you can see on the header, The Dichotomy of One’s Thoughts is the amalgamation of my bibliophilic, filmaniac, and audiophilic endeavors. You’ll be seeing me write reviews about the latest books I’ve read, the films I’ve watched, and the music I’m listening to.

The Dichotomy of One's Thoughts

At first, I really want to have a book blog. I badly want it. I’ve been blogging on a tech blog named Loading-Info for months and I can’t mingle with other book blogs because my blog is too technical and not of the same niche as them.

And so this blog is born. I’ve decided to include here film and music reviews as well. (It’s hard to maintain lots of blogs, you know.) And I’m also a film fanatic when it comes to the genre I really love – horror.

However, I have a wide range of interests; I also love to watch comedy, romance, adventures, and so on and so forth. To this date, I just had one movie on my list that I discontinued watching because it’s too boring. See? My standards isn’t that high but whatever. When I’m indulging myself into reading books and watching films I don’t focus on the technical details that much, though it’s an integral part, I divide my thinking into the technical and the non-technical side.

That is when I discovered why I chose this name for my blog. You know, I was just randomly thinking of a blog name when this phrase “The Dichotomy of One’s Thoughts” just popped in my head. I don’t even know where the hell did I just get the word dichotomy. I don’t even know what it meant that I even have to Google it.

Then I was contemplating on it when another idea popped in my head. Here, take a look at this picture:

Credits: New Illuminati

I just found this somewhere but I think this is the best photo that represents by blog. The picture speaks for itself. To summarize, the dichotomy of one’s thoughts is occuring when a person indulge himself onto a reality versus fiction battleground.




Of course, every blog has its goal(s).

Book Blogging

My primary goal is reading the classics (titles you may heard before) and those from my favorite authors. I would love to take review requests but as of now I could just add you to the queue of my To-Read list.

Film Reviews

If you would visit my Films List page, you’ll see some of the films that I’ve finished watching and on queue for reviews. I also included in this list the movies I want to watch and rewatch.

Music Reviews

These are going to be random. As I said, I have a wide range of interests. I cannot review ALL of the songs/records I’m listening to. There are hundreds, probably thousands of them.

Product Reviews/ Wishlist

These are of the last priority. When I find something I really love that I badly want to speak it to the world, you’ll probably see me post that here. If there’s a product I really love, I’d also love to share it with you.


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PR Friendly?

As I said, I cannot promise reviews yet as I still have plenty on queue. But, if you want me to host a giveaway included on the review (preferably International as I live in Southeast Asia), I’d love to accept that offer. You can reach me by filling up the form on my Contact page.


Happy Reading!

Gian Faye

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