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October 8, 2011

What to expect at Dichothoughts this October

Yeah, I know. I’ve been recently lacking some awesomeness in this blog. One post for September? Now how is that even possible in this galazy errr.. galaxy? Nope, before you even shout me Lazy. I’m no lazy at all. That was just a typo and played with it a little.

Anyway, I’ve been busy the whole month of September as I’m working on multiple projects. Dang, it’s even a miracle I do have 4 posts on Loading-Info last month. So yeah, it’s not galazy – it is gabusy.

Gah, before boring you with this story telling, I’ll go straight to what I’m about to tell you. Yes, I do have a secret. (Now here we go again.) *cut*

Things to expect at Dichothoughts this October:

  • Reviews from the Second and Third book of The Vampire Chronicles (both of which I’ve already done reading last June, yeah 4 months ago. How is that even possible.)
  • Reviews from the records I own since time immemorial, meaning those I’ve already bought long ago. Since I was in high school. That was 2005, man. The first time I bought a record in my entire life. *nostalgic chuckle* Can you guess which record is it? 🙂 It’s TCFSW by MCR. Now deacronymize those and you’ll get it.
  • Reviews from the recent records I purchased (since a year ago to the present) – the self titled album by Tanya Markova, Horror Scene by Mr. Bones & the Boneyard Circus, and more.
  • Reviews from the 7th Symphony album by Apocalyptica which I bought after owning Se7en.
  • Reviews from this latest devilsent packageThe September E.P. by Anorexia Nervosa, and the V for Vendetta graphic novel by Alan Moore.
  • Last but not the least — A much PERSONAL approach to reviews. Meaning I won’t post reviews if I do not have the proof I owned them: CDs for music reviews, DVDs or Cinema Tickets for film reviews, Physical Books with book reviews, you get the idea. Pics or it didn’t happen. Yeah, the reviews shall include photos as well.

I’m still busy, though. (And forever will?) But I’ll make sure I’ll have the time to feed this blog. I listed the things I’ll review in advance so I should keep up with them. It’s like I’m promising something to my readers, so now I have something to hold so I’ll require myself to post.

Good productivity vibes, October.

EDIT: Obviously, these plans didn’t push through. Let’s wait till I’m totally free from being gabusy. Damn.

August 16, 2011

Some Changes on Dichothoughts

Last month, The Dichotomy of One’s Thoughts owned its very own domain name – Originally at, it has been quite a brainstorm to what domain name should I pick for this blog. I’ve thought of but it’s too long and difficult to type. For that, I’ve cut it to – which sounds better. Since then, I’ve called this blog simply Dichothoughts.

I’ve also promised upcoming reviews but haven’t posted any for almost weeks. An unexpected event has made it impossible for me to get online so the blog has been vacant. Despite that, I’m implementing new things on this blog.

First, I exclusively want to post only reviews on this blog. All posts under the categories Upcoming Films, Upcoming Albums, Concerts and Tours will be dissolved and future posts about them will be posted on my other blog – Technopoly ( That is because (I’ll repeat), I wish to only post reviews on this blog from now on. I won’t delete the previous posts, though. I’ll just move them to the Etceteras Others category.

Another thing, I’ll be creating new designs for the post headers. I’ll also be redesigning and modifying some pages and will remove those I find irrelevant.

That’s all for now. See you guys and gals anytime soon.

Happy reading, listening, and watching!

July 25, 2011

UPDATE: New Domain –

Hello! As you can see, I’ve migrated the previous free subdomain ( to its new custom domain ( I bought the domain at a third-party registar thinking that all it would cost me is purchasing the domain. But, when I tried to enter my custom domain on the Settings page, there is an upgrade payment which costs $12 for the Domain Mapping. It disappoints me to think that I already have my domain and I still need to pay. Despite the fee, it just took me minutes on setting up the domain so here it is – voila! I hope you liked the new name. Also, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts on this blog on the past month. I have been busy with Loading-Info‘s BlogFest that gave me no time to write lengthy reviews. Since I already bought a domain name I’ll be expecting that I’ll be more eager to post on this blog. Stay tuned! ☺

April 5, 2011

I’m back.

1 week of no internet connection at home. And now I’m back on the track. I’ve finished reading Interview With The Vampire and I’m going to post a review later. I’m now reading The Vampire Lestat.

UPDATE: April 14, 2011

My reviews will be delayed for some time.

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